Interview With Louisa Kewell

Time for another interview, everybody, this time with the charming Louisa Kewell!

louisa 1
1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
 Hello! I am Louisa I have just finished my degree at The Cambridge School of Art and now have to enter he big wide world!

2. You’ve been studying at the CSA in Anglia Ruskin for almost three years now, what has that been like for you?
In all honesty this has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but completely worth it. I have met some amazing people, who have helped boost my confidence and self esteem. Which is something that the extremely shy 18 year old me needed, more than a degree.

3. If you could pick one favourite memory of studying at the CSA, what would it be?louisa 2
In first year a group of us met up and played badminton each week. We could escape from our work for a short time and have fun in the process. There are so many facilities available to you at university and it’s quite easy to over look them when you’re in the studio each day but try not to, there’s plenty to get involved with

4. What do you like the most about being an illustrator?
Since I knew there was such a thing as an illustrator it was my only goal to become one. I love making a mess and being creative it’s just like second nature to me. I could not imagine my life with out making pictures. Plus my desk conveniently has a biscuit cupboard right next to so this really makes my life as an illustrator complete.

5. What do you like the least?
I have to be in the mood to draw. I can’t force myself because guaranteed if I do the likely hood is it will end up in the bin. But it’s important not to feel guilty about this; you might just need to be inspired by something again. A trip to the nearest coffee shop normally fixes this for me.

6. How would you describe your work and what you do?
In retrospect a lot of my work has been inspired by my childhood love of fairy tales, Disney films, and children’s picture books. I am gradually starting my own collection of children’s picture books because you are never too old to start collecting.

7. What are some of your hopes for the future after you graduate? Do you have any specific goals in mind that you’d love to achieve?
Excuse the cliché, but to have my own children’s picture book published really would be a dream come true! I would die a very happy lady.

8. Finally, are there any words of wisdom or any advice you’d give to your first year self, or to anyone just starting their own degree?
I know its depressing but life is too short. If being an illustrator is what you really want then go for it! You have got nothing to lose and who knows where it could lead you?louisa 3

If you’d like to see more of Louisa’s work, make sure to check out her website at:


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