New Illustration | Tomb of Annihilation

Ekene-Afa - Merchant Prince, ex-gladiator, love of my lifeKwayothe - Merchant Prince, criminal, PC enemy #1Maisie the merchant - purveyor of unique and slightly cursed goodsTalatha Valovee - Magister of Mystra, most powerful mage this side of Faerun, most sensible person in this townClint Enkilash - inventor, genius, criminal (currently in jail for Science Crimes)Caitlyn… Continue reading New Illustration | Tomb of Annihilation


New Illustration | The Maze

A little something from last year - The Maze was made as part of a discussion and project to raise awareness of disability in the UK, and the difficulties of getting help and support. For people with both physical and mental disabilities the process of applying for and actually recieving help from benefit agencies is… Continue reading New Illustration | The Maze


New Illustration | The Wild Hunt

The nights grow darker, winter approaches and the Wild Hunt is riding out again... Last winter I was inspired by a post on PMM (when am I not, let's be honest), and that lead to this. The Wild Hunt is a piece of faery lore, with many variations and origins, the core story of which… Continue reading New Illustration | The Wild Hunt


New Illustration | Skullbats

Halloween is all year round, and just because I made these last October doesn't mean they aren't still relavant in my life. Skull-headed animals are rapidbly becoming A Thing That I Do now, to the point where I've already had someone commission their own one from me, so that's a neat reputation to have. (As… Continue reading New Illustration | Skullbats


New Illustration | A Heart Full of Swords

Okay, the title is a lie, it's not just full of swords. It's also full of warhammers, maces, crossbows, axes and throwing weapons. And a big ol' D20, because once again it is the Arbitrary Month Of Romance, and I have channeled my romantic inclinations into D&D themed designs again. This was such a fun… Continue reading New Illustration | A Heart Full of Swords


It’s The Obligatory New Years Post!

It's that time again, friendos, where we take a look back at what happened last year, pick out all the best bits and leave the crappy stuff for someone else to eat. ....I might be thinking of Christmas chocolate. Anyway, 2019 is finally here, so let's have a quick recap of what my goals were… Continue reading It’s The Obligatory New Years Post!


Ink Painting Video | The Daemoness – Bathing In Souls My second ink video! (well, technically my fourth if you count the two I made before I decided I was Officially Making These, but let's not make this overly complicated). Continuing with my demonic obsession, this time exploring a character I draw a lot, simply called The Daemoness because naming things is hard, and… Continue reading Ink Painting Video | The Daemoness – Bathing In Souls