Interview With Sorcha Faulkner

Continuing on with the interviews this week, and today we have the lovely Sorcha Faulkner!

Sorcha 2

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m twenty years old and originally from the outskirts of Greater Manchester. I love walking, nature and being outdoors.

2. You’ve been studying at the CSA in Anglia Ruskin for almost three years now, what has that been like for you?
I must say I didn’t enjoy first year much, it felt like a real battle. Though it was certainly worth it for the last two years which have gone really quickly, the tutors have been amazing and I’ve love studying alongside such talented classmates!

3. If you could pick one favourite memory of studying at the CSA, whSorcha 3at would it be?
It was a huge shock to be awarded the undergraduate Searle Award for Creativity earlier this year, especially as this year it was all about sketchbooks. I adore using sketchbooks and I feel like a lot of my best work is inside them rather than the final piece. It felt pretty lovely to be recognised for that.

4. What do you like the most about being an illustrator
I love the freedom, being able to decide my own timetable. I also feel very lucky to absolutely love working, I’m happiest when I have a project to get stuck into.

5. What do you like the least?
I’m a huge worrier so I suppose the uncertainty that comes with being freelance, though that certainly is worth it to be doing what I love.

Sorcha 46. How would you describe your work and what you do?
I think my work has a lot of variety, though I always love using texture, collage, pattern and colour. My love for nature shows through in my work quite often as well.

7. What are some of your hopes for the future after you graduate?
Do you have any specific goals in mind that you’d love to achieve? I’d love to have a go at all sorts of projects, especially working editorially for magazines and making surface patterns. We shall have to see how the next few years go.

8. Finally, are there any words of wisdom or any advice you’d give to your first year self, or to anyone just starting their own degree?
Take the opportunity at university to play around and have a go at everything, it doesn’t have to be perfect but you might discover something you love. Keep going and stick with it, it’ll work out in the end!

Sorcha 1

If you’d like to see more of Sorcha’s work, make sure to check out her website at:


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