wyrdhope webcomic cover

Webcomic Update! Wyrdhope Chapter 3 Launch (and an end to the hiatus)

  It's not a Thursday, but this is a special occasion, so we're breaking all the rules to bounce back from the hiatus and announce that Chapter 3 of my webcomic, Wyrdhope, officially starts today! The cover and first page are up, and there'll be a new page every other Tuesday. I had so much… Continue reading Webcomic Update! Wyrdhope Chapter 3 Launch (and an end to the hiatus)


WYRDHOPE – Chapter Two Begins!

It's been almost five months now since my webcomic, Wyrdhope, started, and I've been enjoying every second of working on it. Well, that's a lie, I don't enjoy every second, but at least like, every third second. Yeah, that's probably right. Anyway, this post is the exciting announcement that Chapter Two of Wyrdhope will be… Continue reading WYRDHOPE – Chapter Two Begins!


Wyrdhope Launches!

It's here at last! Wyrdhope officially launches today, so head over to the site HERE and check it out! The cover and first page are up today, and the comic will update once a week every Tuesday. And since comic days will now be Tuesdays, posts here on the blog will be switching to Thursdays, so… Continue reading Wyrdhope Launches!


Something Wyrd This Way Comes

I hate to drag out the suspense, so I'm going to cut right to the chase: I'm launching a webcomic!   As you can probably guess, it's called Wyrdhope and it will officially be starting on October 31s because I love Halloween and it's also got some vaguely spooky themes going on. Even though the story is… Continue reading Something Wyrd This Way Comes