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The Corruption of Corle

The Corruption of Corle - Web Final

First full painting in a long while, of one of my characters and the otherworldly witch who ruins her.


Not Away, But Towards

Not Away, But Towards (smaller)

A response on the Pop My Mind! platform, responding to a piece of music.

Ink & Pencil, 2016

Available as a print on Society6 and INPRNT

Gormenghast Places

The work on Gormenghast continues! My gosh this project is taking a long time. Then again, I do keep getting sidetracked making other things, so it’s not all that surprising really. At any rate, I finished the location pieces I wanted to make, and here they are.

Gormenghast Kitchen Final

The Kitchens

Gormenghast Castle Final

Gormenghast Castle

Gormenghast Attic Final

Fuschia’s Attic

Now that these are done I’m taking a small break from Gormenghast stuff to work on another quick project, and then I’ve got two more sections of this project I want to complete before I call it done. I’m glad to take a break, but I’m excited to get back to it in a week or so, and maybe in a month be finally done with it, hah!

Gormenghast castle is available as a print on Society6,  INPRNT and at Design By Humans


Daily Doodle Challenge: February

So this year I have set myself the challenge of doing a themed set of daily doodles each month. January was my Secret Project month (and I’ll be honest, I only managed about a week and a half’s worth of doodles). February, though, had the theme of Monster Girls, and I did the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. Which was interesting, given that February doesn’t even have 30 days in it, but oh well! The challenge was to not spend hours and hours on each daily work, but to limit it to between 5 and 20 minutes per drawing. I wanted something low-pressure and stress-relieving to do, but that was also at least a little bit creatively challenging.

The Monster Girl Challenge has been done by lots of people, many of them better than me, but it was super fun to do. So here are the 30 doodles that I did in the month of February:


Monster Girls 1-13

Monster Girls 1-13

Monster Girls 13-24

Monster Girls 13-24

Monster Girls 25-29

Monster Girls 25-29

Celebrate Monster Girls!

Celebrate Monster Girls!


I’m pretty pleased that I managed to do the entire month, really! And it’s got me super psyched for the next month. March’s theme is ROBOTS, so if you’re following my sketchblog (which is about as messy as my sketchbooks),  you will already have seen the start of that nonsense. If you’re not (and why wouldn’t you, it’s a hilarious delight), then head over there to check out the ridiculous ‘bots I’ve already made, and follow to see more silly and impractical robots over the rest of the month. For the month I actually have a list of prompts that I wrote, so if anyone wants to join in this hilarious quest of drawing silly things, then shoot me a message and I’ll share the prompt list with you.

New Year, New Goals, New Things For Sale!

I think I just need to accept that I am never going to be one of those people who regularly and consistently updates a blog of any kind. It’s just not meant to be. But! 2016 is here, I have lots of big plans and goals, both illustration-wise and life-wise, and I’ve already gotten started. One of my goals was to doodle something every day, and though I haven’t managed every day so far, I have managed some, which is better than none. Starting in February, though, I think I’ll start posting the doodles on my sketch blog or on my twitter. The January ones I won’t, because I’ve been doodling things related to my next Big Project, that is still mostly in planning stages so I don’t want to jinx it by posting about it too much.

As for things for sale, since Valentines Day is coming up, I whipped up a few card designs that you can get on my Redbubble, but here are the designs for you to see anyway! They are of course terrible animal-based puns, because those are my lifeblood.


Gormenghast Characters Part 1

It took me about six months or something but I finally finished reading the Gormenghast Trilogy. The books are great, but not exactly light reading. Very poetic in language, and prone to going off on long, description-y tangents for several pages. At any rate, they inspired me enough to want to start making work based on them, and I’ve finished the first three characters that I wanted to make. I’ve got plans for four more characters eventually, but next I’ll be working on some locations from the book.

My apologies for the lack of post last week, but this lot weren’t quite finished, and I didn’t want to rush them out just to meet a blogging deadline. So now they’re finished properly, and I very much enjoyed making them. Fuschia turned out to be my favourite, and she was the hardest one to get right in the end. As a character she has a very particular feel that I wanted to capture. Got there in the end though!

The next post won’t be Gormenghast though – with any luck it should be my Ridiculous Larp Project, which no-one will find that amusing but me and possible about three other people. But hey.