The second of my entries for ArtOrders Tiny Dragon contest! They added a Not So Tiny Dragons category, and this was what came to me - a tiny dragon that goes after the dead like a carrion bird. I imagine whole flocks of them descending on battlefields after the fighting is done, like pale ghosts… Continue reading Carrion



One of my entries for ArtOrders Tiny Dragon competition! Judging is going on this month I think so I'm crossing everything I have right now. This painting was inspired by the fact that if dragons existed there would absolutely be a whole Instagram community based around their aesthetic, and also the fact that I would… Continue reading #DragonAesthetic


Elena – Original Character Portrait

I haven't mentioned it much on the blog (with the exception of this one post from way back), but since about 2010 I've been slowly working on a fantasy trilogy. Will it ever be finished? Who knows, it's a mystery, but what isn't a mystery is that I love my main character, and that this… Continue reading Elena – Original Character Portrait