It’s The Obligatory New Years Post!

It's that time again, friendos, where we take a look back at what happened last year, pick out all the best bits and leave the crappy stuff for someone else to eat. ....I might be thinking of Christmas chocolate. Anyway, 2019 is finally here, so let's have a quick recap of what my goals were… Continue reading It’s The Obligatory New Years Post!


Reflections & Expectations

So, 2017 huh? That sure was a...uh...a year. But let's ignore the world stage for a bit and focus on me, because I'm a narcissist. Things actually went relatively well, I made some art, learned some stuff, had some fun. Let's have a look back, shall we? I made more progress between May and December… Continue reading Reflections & Expectations


Obligatory New Years Post!

And so another year is done, and a new one has begun. I've officially been A Graduate for over a year now, and I am  possibly more tired than I ever was while I was at uni but there we go. I just wanted to write a quick post summing up my past year, and giving… Continue reading Obligatory New Years Post!