Evilyn – Lordi Girl #4

Hey look, it's that series that I make one thing a year for! Next in the Lordi Girls series is Evilyn, based on the song of the same name. I still love the concept of what I'm doing, but not so much the way I'm making them anymore. So this probably isn't the last ever… Continue reading Evilyn – Lordi Girl #4


Good to Be Bad – Lordi Girl #3

Part three in the slowly progressing series of girls based on Lordi songs. This one's based on 'Good to be Bad'. Which I did originally draw something for many, many years ago, but that monstrosity is buried in the depths of the internet, hopefully never to be seen again. Trust me. This one is much… Continue reading Good to Be Bad – Lordi Girl #3


Lordi Girls

There's this band I like called Lordi - you might have heard of them, they won Eurovision several years ago and they're all dressed as monsters. I love them a lot, and have wanted to make some work inspired by them for a long time.  So, I've started a series called 'Lordi Girls', and so… Continue reading Lordi Girls