Forest Studies

In the interest of Improvement™ I’ve been warming up with little forest studies on the mornings that I’m working digitally. For one thing I was getting bored and frustrated with quick sketching human figures, and for another Wyrdhope has a lot of forest backgrounds, and I wanted to expand my mental library of woodland to… Continue reading Forest Studies


Happy Pride Month, Nerds!

What do you get if you combine my love for D&D with my love for Pride Month? More gay as hell D&D inspired designs, that's what! Here are the three designs I created to celebrate all my LGBTQ+ nerds out there, who like dice and also rainbows. The first two were just having fun drawing… Continue reading Happy Pride Month, Nerds!


ART GALLERY TRIP PART ONE – Abstract Photography, Improvised Forks & How Not to Navigate the London Tube System

Heads up friends, this is going to be a wordy post, so if you’re mainly here for the pictures you can go ahead and skip this one. Last week, thanks to the generosity of Pop My Mind, I was able to take two, count ‘em, two, trips to London to do some gallery binging. Using… Continue reading ART GALLERY TRIP PART ONE – Abstract Photography, Improvised Forks & How Not to Navigate the London Tube System


When I Sleep, My Mind Grows Wings

Another piece from last year that I can share now - for a project that fell through, sadly, but a fun one to do nonetheless. This was actually the first piece I used the technique of dropping coloured ink into water to create the blended, dreamy effect - which I then used to create the… Continue reading When I Sleep, My Mind Grows Wings


Serenity In The City

Something from last year I can share now! For an art proposal, looking at themes of staying calm and centered while living in the busy and often overwhelming world. For various reasons I ended up only having about half a week to get this one finished, but I'm still super happy with how it turned… Continue reading Serenity In The City


On The Inside

We get told so often that beauty is on the inside, and then the world does it's best to remind us that it's on the outside. It's enough to tear you apart. This piece was created as a response on Pop My Mind The prompt on PMM for this piece was 'Beautiful'. What beauty means,… Continue reading On The Inside


WYRDHOPE – Chapter Two Begins!

It's been almost five months now since my webcomic, Wyrdhope, started, and I've been enjoying every second of working on it. Well, that's a lie, I don't enjoy every second, but at least like, every third second. Yeah, that's probably right. Anyway, this post is the exciting announcement that Chapter Two of Wyrdhope will be… Continue reading WYRDHOPE – Chapter Two Begins!