May Weekly Illustrations

Weekly illustrations for the month of May! Three out of four here, because one of them isn’t quite done yet as it’s a cool idea and I want to do more with it, so that’ll be out sometime later this month. I’m trying to push myself more with my weekly illustrations now – trying different techniques, practising with new brushes, trying to learn How The Heck Colour Works.

Next month’s theme is Demons and boy howdy am I excited because that is 110% My Jam.

Evilyn – Lordi Girl #4

Hey look, it’s that series that I make one thing a year for! Next in the Lordi Girls series is Evilyn, based on the song of the same name. I still love the concept of what I’m doing, but not so much the way I’m making them anymore. So this probably isn’t the last ever Lordi Girl that I’ll make but the next one’s probably going to look a little different. Maybe. We’ll see.

Lordi Girl 1 & 2

Lordi Girl 3



And here, finally finished, is the piece I meant to finish last week. So even though it took a while, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. My painting skills are slowly improving, and this is definitely the best thing I’ve painted so far in my opinion. I like my works to have a little bit of story in them, and this one certainly has that. In fact, this was probably indirectly influenced by the copious amounts of Stephen King that I’ve read in my life. Anyway, I hope you like it!