New Illustration | The Wild Hunt

The nights grow darker, winter approaches and the Wild Hunt is riding out again... Last winter I was inspired by a post on PMM (when am I not, let's be honest), and that lead to this. The Wild Hunt is a piece of faery lore, with many variations and origins, the core story of which… Continue reading New Illustration | The Wild Hunt


Adventures In Faeryland – August Illustrations

The theme for August was faeries and I had so much fun with these! Tried out some new techniques and things, and I'm really pleased this time with the direction my digital illustrations are going. As difficult and time-consuming as some of the detail work was on these I feel like it was worth it,… Continue reading Adventures In Faeryland – August Illustrations


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, part 2

More Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell fanart! These were so much fun to do, I had a blast coming up with them. If you still haven't read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, then you should go ahead and do it, because it's such a wonderful, magical book. There's a miniseries too, which I own but… Continue reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, part 2