New Illustration | Tomb of Annihilation

Ekene-Afa - Merchant Prince, ex-gladiator, love of my lifeKwayothe - Merchant Prince, criminal, PC enemy #1Maisie the merchant - purveyor of unique and slightly cursed goodsTalatha Valovee - Magister of Mystra, most powerful mage this side of Faerun, most sensible person in this townClint Enkilash - inventor, genius, criminal (currently in jail for Science Crimes)Caitlyn… Continue reading New Illustration | Tomb of Annihilation


New Illustration | A Heart Full of Swords

Okay, the title is a lie, it's not just full of swords. It's also full of warhammers, maces, crossbows, axes and throwing weapons. And a big ol' D20, because once again it is the Arbitrary Month Of Romance, and I have channeled my romantic inclinations into D&D themed designs again. This was such a fun… Continue reading New Illustration | A Heart Full of Swords