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All This And Heaven Too – July Weekly Illustrations

The theme for July’s weekly illustration was Angels! In order of appearance, the prompts I gave myself were: Warrior of Heaven, Guardian Angel, Blessing, and Smiting. The Guardian Angel design is available on my Redbubble.

I enjoyed different aspects of making each of these, and trying to push a different element with each one. A bit in love with coloured lineart now though, so I expect there’ll be more of that in the future! For August, I’m going to be doing some Faerie illustrations, so be sure to follow my sketchblog to see those as I make them. And if you’re interested in warmup sketches and mediocre selfies, then you can follow my instagram too.


June Illustrations & Commissions Info!

Illustrations from the month of June! As you can probably tell, the theme was Demons and I had just as much fun as I thought I was going to. If I could draw spooky demons every month for the rest of my life I would be a happy artist…

Each image has some element of trying to push myself and try new things. Painting, for one of them, as well as playing with animation in an illustration. The two more regular illustrations I tried to incorporate more detail than I usually do, particularly with the background of the final illustration for the month. It was more fun than I thought it would be, as I have a tendency to want to finish things as fast as possible and get frustrated at doing a lot of fiddly bits that aren’t the main focus. But I’m learning! And next month the theme is Angels, so I’m sure I’ll get to test out my colour palette beyond Everything Is A Variation on Black, Red and Muddy Neutrals.

In other news, I have an official commission price list for my cartoon/comic-style illustrations and paintings! It’s up at my newly-revamped sketchblog, so you can go to this link and see if there’s anything you’d like! (Caveat: I am away from the 7th to about the 14th with family things, so any messages in that time won’t get a reply until I’m back). Hit me up via my email, or Twitter, or Tumblr or Facebook and I will Draw You Things For Money.

Elena – Original Character Portrait

Elena 2015

I haven’t mentioned it much on the blog (with the exception of this one post from way back), but since about 2010 I’ve been slowly working on a fantasy trilogy. Will it ever be finished? Who knows, it’s a mystery, but what isn’t a mystery is that I love my main character, and that this is the third time I’ve painted her. She’s changed a lot since I first started writing, in appearance, backstory and characterisation. Her name, though, is still Elena, and she’s still – at the start of the story anyway – a kind, compassionate, optimistic, slightly naive, loving soul, who just wants to help make things right.

So of course by the end of the series half the people she loves are dead, at least three cities have been reduced to ashes and darkness nearly devoured the world. It’s a fantasy series, what do you expect?

Portrait commissions in this style are available, I should mention, if anyone else has a character they love as much as I love Elena. And for the curious, I saved a few stages of the work and put together a process gif as I did for my painting of Hurd a while back:


Studying from the Masters

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some master studies in my free time. For those who’ve never seen a master study before, it’s where you copy a painting done by, well, a master, and try to learn something from it.  The ones I’ve been doing are for the ‘Composition 1.1’ thread/class on (which is why all these are labelled with my username from there).

The minimum number to do to complete the class there is 20, so I’m almost halfway there. The challenge with each of these was to mainly be looking at composition and examining elements like rhythm, repetition, balance etc. They’re done in black and white so that you don’t get distracted trying to focus on accurate colour copying – though trying to copy accurate tones is a useful lesson too. I’m fairly pleased with my progress so far, and I certainly think by the time I’ve done 20, I’ll have improved a lot.

Of course, I won’t just stop with 20, but after that I’ll be focusing on a different aspect than composition in my studies.

STEN work

vulcan 1 Sten scene

A bit of a messy post this week, just with some of the stuff I’ve made for my STEN project. What is the STEN project you ask? Well, I’m trying my very hardest to make a bunch of concept/development art for a book called STEN, which is a sci-fi novel by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch. I’ve still got a lot of stuff to do, but I’m working on it!

Featured in this post are:

  • some of the character sketches that I’ve done for three of the character – Sten, our main guy; Bet, the ‘love interest’ but also a very badass and cool girl; and Thoreson, our Big Bad Company Business Villain.
  • a rough environment idea for the exterior of the space station called Vulcan, which is where most of the story is set
  • and a quick painting of a scene from the book, where Sten is forging his knife out of a chunk of crystal

There’s a bonus post up on the sketchblog today too, featuring a few more bits of character development stuff. If you’re following the sketchblog at all, you’ll also be seeing some life drawing, which is always good fun.

The Warlord


Click for hi-res please!

This weeks offering is a portrait of a friends character, the warlord Hurd. It’s one of the biggest paintings I’ve done to date, and my poor laptop barely handled working on the file but we powered through and I’m pleased with the results. As an extra bonus, I saved various stages of the work seperately, and have put together a process gif which you can watch below if you’re at all interested in seeing how I get from the messiest sketch it’s possible for a human hand to make to something that looks like the above.