Happy Pride Month, Nerds!

What do you get if you combine my love for D&D with my love for Pride Month? More gay as hell D&D inspired designs, that’s what! Here are the three designs I created to celebrate all my LGBTQ+ nerds out there, who like dice and also rainbows.

The first two were just having fun drawing dice and playing with pretty rainbow colours. During the process I learned that the D12 is the hardest dice to draw for some reason, and that it takes a long-ass time to put numbers on every visible side of 27 dice. It’s good shape drawing practice though, and these designs turned out super cute, in my opinion.The last design that I made was one that leaned more into D&D flavour, because as it turns out, drawing weaponry is hella fun, and I want to draw more of it. It’s already inspired me to start working on some more D&D themed stuff, so that’ll be fun. This last one I also made available in a huge array of pride flag colour schemes, which took way too long. Partly because after doing three I realised the sword was wonky and had to redo that and then re-do the colours; partly because I made them for both light and dark backgrounds; and partly because, well, there’s a lot of pride flags. And I haven’t even made all of them! Regardless, it was still super fun and you can definitely expect more of this kind of stuff in the future. (Also if you want to commission something D&D themed hit me up ~~)

As always, all of these designs, along with loads of other cool art, are available on my Redbubble store, or you can click the images to go straight to the page for the specific design. Happy Pride, everyone!


DIE – the Dice Museum

cover image

So, for my latest university project we created short catalogues. I created this one about dice, which is not only a catalogue about dice, but also glimpses into a very strange, slightly supernatural dice museum. You can view and download the PDF of the catalogue for free by clicking the image above, though I am considering finding somewhere to maybe sell these from, since I think it’s quite a fun little book.

Also very tempted to start building more of a world around Lorna Ficluer’s dice museum, since it’s the kind of thing that would lend itself well to a creepy little supernatural world full of odd things.

And to tempt you into downloading it even more, here are a few of the spreads from inside (click to view them bigger, so you can read all the text):

sample spread 1 sample spread 2 sample spread 3