daily doodle challenge

Daily Doodle Challenge: March

The theme this month was Superheroes! And I made the poor life choice to decide that I wanted to do most of them in colour, so of course I didn’t have time to do every single day. I’m not super bothered by it, I got a lot of practice in on my Cintiq – which is my new adopted child, by the way. Also some of these heroes I’m keeping to use in Other Things in the future because I love them.

But, doing them in colour got me thinking, and I’m getting a little bored of just doing the same kind of doodles every single month. I want something a bit more substantial. So, from April on, I’m going to try out doing weekly illustrations in the same style as I do my doodles. This way I can just put more into what I’m making, and still do some kind of drawing every day. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, so we’ll see how it goes! I’m still going to use themes to base my illustrations around, so April’s theme is going to be Supervillains. Depending on how my sketchbooks look – usually messy and incomprehensible, so – I may still be posting sketchy things from them on the old sketchblog. We’ll see how this goes!


Daily Doodle Challenge: January

monster-boys-1-9 monster-boys-10-18 monster-boys-18-25 monster-boys-in-colour



First new daily challenge of the year, and the theme was Monster Boys, as kind of a throwback to the first proper themed month I did last year. This year with my dailies I’m trying to challenge myself to draw more things that I don’t draw much of – like boys, and more than one person in a drawing together, and colouring things. You know. Complicated stuff.

Anyway, this was a ton of fun, and I’m super excited for the rest of the years themes. As always, if you want to see these early, as well as occasional WIP’s of other projects, be sure to follow my sketch blog over on tumblr. February’s theme is Romance, so prepare yourself for some disgusting cuteness.

Daily Doodle Challenge: December

dec-1-11 dec-12-22 dec-23-31Fanart is fun and all, but original characters are where it’s at. December was Original Characters month, mostly featuring the cast of the novel series I finished drafting in November. For Fun Facts and Story Origins of any of the characters seen here, you can hit up my sketch blog. Follow me there to see January’s doodles – the theme is Monster Boys this time, if that tempts you – in semi-real time on a mostly daily basis, as well as WIP’s of other things I’m working on!

Daily Doodle Challenge: November

november-doodles-1-9 november-doodles-10-15 november-doodles-16-20

Novembers Daily Doodle theme was Fanart. November was also, for those that don’t know, National Novel Writing Month, which I have entered every year since 2008 and won every year since 2008 and damned if I was going to break my streak. Therefore, I didn’t finish every doodle on my list for this month, but I’m still pretty happy with what I got done. The novel, if you were curious, ended at 81,500 words.

If you’re interested in knowing which character is which, or where someone is from, or why I chose them as my favourite to draw this month, then head over to my sketchblog, where you can read me gushing about the characters I love.

Daily Doodle Challenge: March

And March is over, and the daily doodle challenge for it is officially over! 31 days, 31 robots – it was so fun and exhausting to come up with all of these! I usually do more organic things, I like to draw people, creatures, things that are alive. Curves are my favourite kind of line to make. But, I did it anyway, and here are the robots that came from my pencil over the past month:

Robots 1-11

                                                                                             Robots 1-11

Robots 12 - 23

                                                                                           Robots 12-23


Robots 24 - 29

                                                                                           Robots 24-29

Mar 31 - Robot Wars Celebration

                                                                                Robot Wars! (Celebration)

And now that that’s over, we move on into April, and the challenge (which I’ve already started) of the month: ALIENS! I can’t wait to write the roundup post for those, let me tell you.