How To See The World

As an artist, the things you see are filtered in ways that other people might find strange, and you often have a brain full of ideas in various stages of incubation. Originally created as a response on Pop My Mind.


From A Stone


A response on Pop My Mind to the Let’s Talk theme around mental health and it’s connections to art.

Most of the stresses and anxieties I have can be linked back to my hands. Being prone to RSI causes a lot of pain that feeds into fears of not being able to make work, or of never being able to make enough.  And it’s easy to feel betrayed by your own hands – why won’t they make better work? why can’t they work faster? why aren’t they good enough?

So you push yourself all the time, and if you don’t take a step back to breathe now and again, getting anything else creative out of yourself is like getting blood from a stone.

Lyrically Induced Agony

A piece made for Pop My Mind, inspired by Katie Borkins ‘Sense the Sounds’. Exploring the way that music or certain sounds can trigger painful memories or negative emotions.

Available as a print on Society6, INPRNT and Design By Humans

Auditory Learning

auditory-learning-2 auditory-learning-1


A pair of responses done for Pop My Mind, from one of the seeds set by British Art Show 8. These were responding to the piece Auditory Learning by Simpson & White, and the first piece was featured on the British Art Show blog as part of an article about the Pop My Mind responses. You can read it here.



A response on Pop My Mind. Articulating the moment when ideas hit, that creative explosion in the mind that is the best thing about making art.

Available as a print on Society6, INPRNT and Design By Humans