Wyrdhope Launches!

It’s here at last! Wyrdhope officially launches today, so head over to the site HERE and check it out! The cover and first page are up today, and the comic will update once a week every Tuesday. And since comic days will now be Tuesdays, posts here on the blog will be switching to Thursdays, so this week you get two posts. I’m so generous.

If you want to know when a page is up you can follow me on all the social media, or subscribe to the comic feed on the site.

I’m so excited to finally start telling this story – though forgive me the first few pages of art, they are by this point slightly old art, but such is the case with making something like this. Ah! I’m excited! This story is so fun – in my totally unbiased opinion – so I hope you all enjoy reading it as I tell it.

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Journey Into Mind

A surreal, exploratory dreamscape created in response to a prompt on Pop My Mind. Please click for full size on this one, it’s far better in full view, I promise.

This was one of the biggest pieces I’ve done for a while, and I’m so glad I decided to push myself and create this as a triptych. I don’t think the story I wanted to tell would have worked in one piece on its own. This set of images draws a lot on Surrealism as well as on dream imagery, and personal symbolism relating to anxiety and stress. Which is a really fancy way of saying this is an attempt to paint a journey through dreamland.

Dark Magic For Fun & Profit – September Illustrations

Here are all the finished designs from my September illustrations! Like I mentioned in my August roundup, I wanted to try something different this time. So I made a bunch of creepy, cute, kinda fun designs on a vaguely goth, necromancy and dark magic type theme. All of them are absolutely things I want to put on my body, and you can conveniently get them at my Redbubble, in my Dark Magic For Fun And Profit collection.

While not as intensive to make as my previous weekly illustrations, they were still a lot of fun to do, and a benefit of them taking considerably less time than the others used to was that I wasn’t nearly so stressed out about getting all my projects finished for the month. I will absolutely be doing more for this collection in the future, and if anyone has specific goth/dark magic/necromancy/weirdo things they want, feel free to hit me up.

Now, on to October, for which I’m going back to my ‘daily doodle’ style of things, and doing Inktober! I’m using one of Simon Fletchers themed prompt lists (the Space one, because SPACE), and I’ll be posting them daily on my all my usual social media. And because I work a lot in ink anyway, to make this more of a challenge I’m focusing on a few things to try and improve: I’m using India ink instead of Quink to learn a new medium; I’m focusing on silhouette and character shape to work on more unique character design; and I’m trying to make all of them fit together in the same universe, to focus on design coherency.

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A response on Pop My Mind to Olivers Portrait of Eternal Loneliness.

I was inspired by the snake-like shape of the original image, and the idea of the Leviathan, a great serpent-like monster that encircles the world. A great unknowable creature lurking in the dark.

Something Wyrd This Way Comes

I hate to drag out the suspense, so I’m going to cut right to the chase: I’m launching a webcomic!  

As you can probably guess, it’s called Wyrdhope and it will officially be starting on October 31s because I love Halloween and it’s also got some vaguely spooky themes going on. Even though the story is set…in the summer….BUT NEVER MIND THAT.

You guys, I am so excited to share this with you. I’ve been working on Wyrdhope in one form or another for the past couple of years, and while I’ve posted the odd sketch or two of characters and things here and there, I’ve never really shown anything from it. It’s a story I’m really excited to tell, and I finally took the plunge this year to start making it. But Sam, what the heck is this oddly named project even about? I hear at least one person asking. Well, I’m glad you asked, single interested party!

Wyrdhope is about a girl called Marti Gryffin, who is not the happiest girl in the world when she finds out she has to spend her summer in a remote seaside town with her eccentric Aunt Beatrice. But Wyrdhope is not as sleepy as it seems – there’s a wolf-girl in the woods, goblins in the cliffs and Marti is pretty sure Aunt Bea might be an actual witch. There are spooky goings-on, fun adventures, a touch of summer romance, a sprinkling of magic and the world-famous, one-of-a-kind Dice Museum all waiting in this little seaside town.

All being well, the cover and first page will launch on October 31st, and then the comic will update once a week, every Tuesday, until…well, until I finish telling the story, I guess! Updates may go up and down or pause depending on my schedule but I’m working on having a decent buffer ready for launch so things should start off pretty smoothly.

For now, you can find the comic HERE. There’s not an awful lot there at the moment, but feel free to bookmark it and start counting down the days with me.