Ink Painting Video | Hellion Warrior I've been playing with the idea of filming more of my work - both as a fun project and as an inspiration to make more things in ink. It's fun and kind of relaxing to watch traditional media, and I think my ink work lends itself well to being filmed. I've also been on… Continue reading Ink Painting Video | Hellion Warrior


Repeating Pattern – An Adventure In Skullcats | Art Process

You may remember that last year I made a few Skullkitty designs for the Halloween season, and since not only did I love them, so apparently did a decent portion of People Who Are Not Me - a sure sign that I'm onto something good. So this year I decided to revist the concept. Repeat… Continue reading Repeating Pattern – An Adventure In Skullcats | Art Process

wyrdhope webcomic cover

Webcomic Update! Wyrdhope Chapter 3 Launch (and an end to the hiatus)

  It's not a Thursday, but this is a special occasion, so we're breaking all the rules to bounce back from the hiatus and announce that Chapter 3 of my webcomic, Wyrdhope, officially starts today! The cover and first page are up, and there'll be a new page every other Tuesday. I had so much… Continue reading Webcomic Update! Wyrdhope Chapter 3 Launch (and an end to the hiatus)


A Hiatus

Strap in friends, it’s time for me to throw many, many words at you! (Don’t worry, I’ll intersperse them with some pictures to make it easier on you. I’m not completely heartless). You may have noticed that despite my best intentions, this has been somewhat less than a weekly blog this year. I kind of… Continue reading A Hiatus


Forest Studies

In the interest of Improvement™ I’ve been warming up with little forest studies on the mornings that I’m working digitally. For one thing I was getting bored and frustrated with quick sketching human figures, and for another Wyrdhope has a lot of forest backgrounds, and I wanted to expand my mental library of woodland to… Continue reading Forest Studies


Happy Pride Month, Nerds!

What do you get if you combine my love for D&D with my love for Pride Month? More gay as hell D&D inspired designs, that's what! Here are the three designs I created to celebrate all my LGBTQ+ nerds out there, who like dice and also rainbows. The first two were just having fun drawing… Continue reading Happy Pride Month, Nerds!