New Illustration | Tomb of Annihilation

So y’all already know that I’m a big Dungeons & Dragons fan, and I’m proud to say that the campaign I started DM-ing almost 2 years ago is still going strong. We’re in what you might call our second season, having saved the world from the original threat, and my boys are now exploring the mysterious and sweaty jungle-filled island of Chult.

That’s right, we’re playing Tomb of Annihilation, though because I’m me, it’s heavily homebrewed – which means that instead of Chultan humans in Port Nyanzaru we have the homeland of the dragonborn, the magi-tech paradise of Drakanda.

And, again because I’m me and I can never do something halfway, I decided to start drawing the various NPC’s the players have encountered. The illustrations above all have captions naming and in some cases shaming the characters I’ve drawn so far. These were all an absolute joy to make, and there’s at least another dozen or more NPC’s that the party have met that I’ll get around to drawing eventually. Of course the only problem with this plan is that each session they manage to meet another NPC and harass me into giving them a name, so this project is never-ending but hey-ho, gives me something to do between sessions!

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