New Illustration | Skullbats

Halloween is all year round, and just because I made these last October doesn’t mean they aren’t still relavant in my life. Skull-headed animals are rapidbly becoming A Thing That I Do now, to the point where I’ve already had someone commission their own one from me, so that’s a neat reputation to have. (As a refresher, I have previously made Skull Cats, a Skull Unicorn and a Skull Reindeer)

These were just a joy to make, in particular because I learned that most bats have just the goofiest faces, usually made more so when you take all the skin off.

…y’know. In a…not weird way. I JUST REALLY LIKE DRAWING SKULLS, OKAY?

These adorable critters have been up in my Redbubble Store for a while now, and IMO they make pretty cute stickers. So get ’em now, pre-prep for Halloween. It’s what I do, and we all know I’m a model for Reasonable Adult Behaviour. Or if you want your own, personalised Skull Critter(tm), then my commissions are open for just such a desire to be fulfilled.

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