New Illustration | A Heart Full of Swords

Okay, the title is a lie, it’s not just full of swords. It’s also full of warhammers, maces, crossbows, axes and throwing weapons. And a big ol’ D20, because once again it is the Arbitrary Month Of Romance, and I have channeled my romantic inclinations into D&D themed designs again.

This was such a fun piece to make, for two reasons. One; arranging and designing all the weapons to fit in the heart shape was like a really weird jigsaw where I was making the pieces as I went, and I adore that kind of design challenge. Two; because I made this, not in my usual Photoshop, but in Krita. It’s a free (yes! I was also suprised!) art program that is light years better than the old copy of PS I have in terms of features, and it made making this a billion times easier. I’m talking symmetry tools, brush stabilisers, easier-ways-to-save-as-a-transparent-PNG – the lot!

(in case you couldn’t tell by this and my excited gushing on Twitter, I love Krita. It’s my new best friend.)

Anyway, I made this because I wanted to draw more weaponry, and because I’m sure there’s more than just me out here who want cool D&D-themed designs. And as a bonus, I made a lineart-only variant as well, because when I finished the inking in Krita I love it so much just on it’s own that I had to have it seperately:

Both versions of this design can be found on my Redbubble Store if you fancy a gift for yourself or a D&D-obsessed loved one. Now, if you need me, I’ll be ordering 3000 stickers of this and covering my entire room with them.

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