It’s The Obligatory New Years Post!

It’s that time again, friendos, where we take a look back at what happened last year, pick out all the best bits and leave the crappy stuff for someone else to eat.

….I might be thinking of Christmas chocolate.

Anyway, 2019 is finally here, so let’s have a quick recap of what my goals were for the past year.

  • Finish one painting a month
  • Complete the next 2 chapters of Wyrdhope
  • Add daily sketching into my routine
  • Spend more quality time with projects, rather than getting caught up with quantity
  • Promote myself more
  • Work the things I need to improve on into sketching and projects, rather than keeping studying seperate from actual work

I started out strong with these. I finished a painting in January, February and March! Then my new job, and all the other things I was trying to do tripped me up and I basically didn’t make any more full paintings for the rest of the year. Lesson learned, don’t dream too big, especially not when you’re starting a new job and have no idea how to manage a work-life balance.

Wyrdhope – I didn’t quite finish 2 more chapters, largely since I decided to switch from one page a week to one page every other week. I did finish Chapter 2 though, and Chapter 3 is well underway, so it’s not a total loss. I’m actually glad I dropped down my production on the comic – it’s letting me spend way more time on each page, learning things and telling the best story I can. I’m excited to keep working on it this year!

I have been sketching more, and enjoying it. It’s given me a bunch of ideas to work on and doubles as a way to not give myself instant hand cramp by jumping right into inking things. Quality time…I definitely made a strong effort with this. I made less than in 2017, and though not all of it is necessarily the best thing, the stuff I did slow down on I’m glad I did. Setting arbitrary numerical goals of ‘Things I Should Make’ was just making me miserable. It’s something I’m continuing into this year – more on that later.

Self promotion – hell yes! My sketchblog has quadrupled its following, the fanart I posted got me personal thank-yous from the VA’s of the characters, and my Christmas sales on Redbubble were my best ever. Now to figure out how to top that this year….

Studying? What studying? I have been working more with references, and doing some seperate studying and trying to actually make. the knowledge. stick. in. my brain. Some wins, some losses – but I don’t think there’s ever going to be a time I don’t feel like I have more to learn.

Now for the part that everyone always wants to hear – what are your goals for this year?! So without further ado, my artistic goals for 2019:

  • Make more smaller pieces – I want to do more with ink, think less and create more. Overthinking is what causes 90% of Artwork Deaths. Less thinky more painty!
  • Make more fanart – The fanart I made last year was so much fun to do, and seeing the creators react to my work is the absolute best thing ever. Plus it’s great to listen to a podcast while drawing your favourite characters from it.
  • Do more character commissions – The character art and commissions I did last year were my favourite things, and I realised just how much I adore drawing other people’s characters. Please, internet and world in general, let me draw your OC’s! (Especially if they’re D&D characters)
  • Work active studying into practice – Like I mentioned above, I need to keep working on including studying and learning into my work. My plan is to find areas I want to focus on, and use them to build my sketching and fanart around. Hopefully this way I can trick myself into learning things aka the only way to reliably make me acquire any kind of knowledge.
  • Promote & engage with other artists – Having been more active on Twitter this past year, I have been watching wistfully at the window of Artist Twitter. This is the year I barge through the door and fling my adoration and artwork all over the place. With all the Terrible Garbage so many websites are doing making it harder to get seen and to see the things you want, the best way is for us to promote each other, and loudly shout about the things we love. Repeatedly.
  • Make more videos! – I really enjoyed creating painting videos towards the end of last year, and I definitely want to do more of them. And with a new phone that Actually Works, and a slightly better understanding of my editing software, I’m excited to get started!

And that’s it! Notice the lack of Arbitrary Numerical Values* or Arbitrary Self-Imposed Deadlines. I’m not about that. With these and with my own personal goals for this year and going forwards, I want to build strong habits that will enable me to improve as a person continually. Racing to make X amount of pieces just makes me rush to the finish line to say I made it. No more of that for me – I’m here to enjoy the process and Make Good Art.

Let me know your goals and resolutions for this year – are you focusing on habit-setting, or breaking out the Big Goals?

*But you can bet your ass I have an Arbitrary Numerical Reading Goal because my To-Read list is a whole decade long and I need to finish it before I Actually Literally Die

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