Ink Painting Video | Hellion Warrior

I’ve been playing with the idea of filming more of my work – both as a fun project and as an inspiration to make more things in ink. It’s fun and kind of relaxing to watch traditional media, and I think my ink work lends itself well to being filmed. I’ve also been on a massive demon kick lately, as my instagram feed and many, many sketchbook pages can attest to.

This was filmed originally just as a way to test out a new camera I had, and to try and get a top-down filming setup to work. And, given that my setup is a guitar stand and a piece of wood, it took some testing to get it to work. Maybe if this video-making goes well I’ll invest in a real tripod but until then, we’re making this work.

This demonic warrior was painted with India Ink on some scrap watercolour paper I had lying around (hey, I said it was meant to be a test project). Like I mentioned, demons give you a lot of freedom of design, since they can technically look like anything. I’m a huge fan of unnatural proportions, big old horns and spiky bits, though, so that’s what normally drives my designs unless I have a very specific concept in mind.

Not a lot else to say about the art process for this one, other than isn’t it nice when something unplanned turns into something pretty?

As for the video making part of the process…whenever I make a video I am reminded of how painfully underskilled I am in the art of making videos. When you don’t know the software or process inside and out, everything is just such a battle! There’s probably a million and one things I’m doing wrong, but as long as there’s a video at the end of it, it’s all fine. And it turned out okay! I even made an endscreen, like I’m some kind of actual Person Who Makes Videos.

Honestly the longest part was trying to find music for this thing. I set out fully intending to be like ‘I just need a track of the right length with a decent vibe. I’m not going to spend hours and hours finding something’. Jump to like three hours later to find the perfect track that’s the right length. At least I found endscreen music I like, so I don’t have to hunt for that every time.

I’m hoping to make more of these in the future, because despite the difficulty of editing and the fact that it’s new and different and challenging, it’s actually kinda fun! So expect to see some more of these in the coming months – hopefully with my video-making abilities improving along with my art.

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