Webcomic Update! Wyrdhope Chapter 3 Launch (and an end to the hiatus)

wyrdhope chapter three webcomic cover
this title is a pun and I am not proud of how long it took me to come up with it


It’s not a Thursday, but this is a special occasion, so we’re breaking all the rules to bounce back from the hiatus and announce that Chapter 3 of my webcomic, Wyrdhope, officially starts today! The cover and first page are up, and there’ll be a new page every other Tuesday.

I had so much fun writing and thumbnailing this chapter because finally things are ~~happening~~ and I get to draw more weird fantasy creatures and introduce the second duo of the main cast, Jade and Mischa. Spooky things are happening, far more appropriate to the season than last year when I started this summer-time story at the end of October.

(Side note, holy shit, I’ve been making this comic for a year already. How the heck did that happen??!)

I’m trying out some new stuff making this chapter, and generally trying to explore and improve my comic-making abilities, so if sometimes things look weird, just roll with it because it’s all in service of making me a better artist and story-teller. It only took me six months to realise that laying in all the text during the sketching stage was a much better idea than doing it after everything was already drawn, so whatever new lessons I learn can’t take much longer than that, right?

At any rate, if you enjoy spooky, weird, cute, offbeat stories about girls and goblins and magic, then check out Wyrdhope and follow along with the strange adventures of Marti, H, Jade & Mischa as they happen. There’s two whole chapters plus bonus interim art to browse through now, and though Chapter Three may take a little longer to get up due to the reduced schedule, I promise you that it will be worth the wait in between.

This post also marks the END of the hiatus! Did that break go way too fast for anyone else? It feels like it went way too fast. Posts will return to their usual Thursdays, and October’s main post will go up next week, because this Thursday is my BIRTHDAY and there is NO BLOGGING ON BIRTHDAYS. It’s something a little bit new but also a little bit old – a combination of the two to make something different in an experiment that I think turned out pretty cool.

It’s Halloween themed, of course, since ’tis the season to get spooky and all.

Finally, yes, the layout is new, you’re not seeing things. I gave the old blog a bit of a Spring ( well, technically, Autumn?) clean, and I rather like the new look. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks everyone for sticking with me over this hiatus –  I’m excited to get back to talking about my work and making new things. See you next week!



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