A Hiatus

Strap in friends, it’s time for me to throw many, many words at you! (Don’t worry, I’ll intersperse them with some pictures to make it easier on you. I’m not completely heartless).

Look! A pretty picture! It’s fanart (I make some of that now, apparently) of Rhoda, from @thedungeonrats podcast

You may have noticed that despite my best intentions, this has been somewhat less than a weekly blog this year. I kind of predicted this would happen in my 2018 Goals post, where I talked about wanting to put more of a focus on finishing work than on the potential blog posts they would make. As it turns out, that change has translated to way less blog posts! Surprising absolutely no-one, I was far too ambitious with my goals for the new year, and since we’re well-over the half-way mark now, I took the time to step back and take stock of my artistic situation.

Oh look it’s more fanart! Bugfly from @thedungeonrats this time.

Turns out that it takes me a long-ass time to make art. Shocking! It’s something I’ve always struggled with and felt bad about, but I’m learning to accept that if I rush then the end result suffers. I’m quicker than I used to be and will continue to speed up the more I learn but for right now I can’t make good art at a rapid pace. I just can’t. It ends in bad art and dissatisfaction and I just do not want that. I want to make things that I’m proud of and that I enjoy making otherwise what is even the point?

All this is to say that I’m putting the blog on an official hiatus. That means no posts here because I say there won’t be, not just because I didn’t finish something in time, or I forgot. This hiatus will probably go until the end of September, maybe the end of October. After that time, I’ll be returning with monthly – occasionally bi-monthly – posts featuring new works. And when I’m back posting again, I want to focus on making this blog a place that is specifically about exploring and explaining my process, talking about references and inspirations, about how I make things and what I’m trying to do better at. I want to make this a place that’s substantially different from my tumblr art-blog, which is more about just sharing new work.

it’s not fanart if it’s of my own characters! Jade and Mischa from Wyrdhope


Wyrdhope, my webcomic, will also be going on hiatus when the current chapter ends. This is an early, sneaky announcement for that for those of you that follow me in multiple places (consider it a bonus for being thorough in your stalking). It will be returning in October and will also be on a reduced schedule – as it turns out, making comics by yourself is really hard and time-consuming and I have a tendency to over-illustrate things. I love how it looks, I really do, it just. Takes a hot minute to make each page, and as I said before, I hate having to rush things.

That’s about all I have for you today. If you want to keep up with any new things I finish and post during the hiatus, or see occasional sketches and WIP things, you can follow me on all my various social media at the end of this post. I’ll see you all in October (probably)!

fun fact: I have yet to draw a picture of Mischa and Jade where Mischa isn’t using her as a horse

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