Month: July 2017

Store Update

As you may be aware, I have plastered my wares across many places on the internet, and this is the Official 2017 Post of Where You Can Buy My Wares. So if you need to refer your friends and family to a place where they can purchase strange and wonderful items for any occasion you can think of, or for personal enjoyment. Prices do vary across the sites, but they all have various sales and discounts throughout the year, so the best thing to do if you want something is to wait and see if anything pops up, especially around holiday times.

Society6  – Black &White Style Illustration prints, and hopefully other items in the near future!

Design By Humans – Black & White Style Illustration prints

INPRNT – Black & White Style Illustration prints

Redbubble – Coloured Illustrations: Prints, totes, t-shirts & more!

And of course, I am available for commissions on a private basis if you want something that I haven’t made yet!


Happy Birthday to Anyone and Everyone

Available now, as cards and other exciting goodies – birthday cards! Well, I guess you could use them for other occassions as well, I don’t know your life. Three new fun designs, and my first foray into Amusing Words. I’m sure we all know at least one person in this world who would appreciate the humour in at least one of these. So go to my Rebubble store! Purchase to your hearts content! There are very frequently sales there!

June Illustrations & Commissions Info!

Illustrations from the month of June! As you can probably tell, the theme was Demons and I had just as much fun as I thought I was going to. If I could draw spooky demons every month for the rest of my life I would be a happy artist…

Each image has some element of trying to push myself and try new things. Painting, for one of them, as well as playing with animation in an illustration. The two more regular illustrations I tried to incorporate more detail than I usually do, particularly with the background of the final illustration for the month. It was more fun than I thought it would be, as I have a tendency to want to finish things as fast as possible and get frustrated at doing a lot of fiddly bits that aren’t the main focus. But I’m learning! And next month the theme is Angels, so I’m sure I’ll get to test out my colour palette beyond Everything Is A Variation on Black, Red and Muddy Neutrals.

In other news, I have an official commission price list for my cartoon/comic-style illustrations and paintings! It’s up at my newly-revamped sketchblog, so you can go to this link and see if there’s anything you’d like! (Caveat: I am away from the 7th to about the 14th with family things, so any messages in that time won’t get a reply until I’m back). Hit me up via my email, or Twitter, or Tumblr or Facebook and I will Draw You Things For Money.