Month: February 2017

Green Cloaks

So, for those of you who don’t actually know me in real life, I spend four weekends a year and an amount of money I don’t think about going to a LARP system called Green Cloaks. It’s a fun camping experience where you get to be too cold, too hot, too tired and hit in the face with foam weapons and high velocity foam darts. It’s my favourite part of the year.

Anyway, I like it, so I did some art for it of some of my friends characters, whose names I will now proceed to inevitably spell wrong because I always do and it’s just honestly funny at this point. Top is my boyfriends character, Kauffman; middle is my housemates, McAllister; bottom is my friend Jenny’s, Prudence.

These were a pretty fun change from what I normally make in this style, and since I didn’t actually ask permission, I hope the players in question like these and don’t immediately stab me at E1 this year.


Bodies in Chaos


Dance is a chaos of bodies in motion.

A response on Pop My Mind to Double Bill, a dance piece. This piece was part of Pop My MindsĀ Motion exhibition at the Whistler Gallery.

Available as a print at Society6, INPRNT and Design By Humans

Daily Doodle Challenge: January

monster-boys-1-9 monster-boys-10-18 monster-boys-18-25 monster-boys-in-colour



First new daily challenge of the year, and the theme was Monster Boys, as kind of a throwback to the first proper themed month I did last year. This year with my dailies I’m trying to challenge myself to draw more things that I don’t draw much of – like boys, and more than one person in a drawing together, and colouring things. You know. Complicated stuff.

Anyway, this was a ton of fun, and I’m super excited for the rest of the years themes. As always, if you want to see these early, as well as occasional WIP’s of other projects, be sure to follow my sketch blog over on tumblr. February’s theme is Romance, so prepare yourself for some disgusting cuteness.