Month: November 2016




A response to the theme Ignite on Pop My Mind. Tried something new with this one РI kinda like it.


The Most Punderful Time of the Year!

It’s that time of year again, folks – the time of year where I make terrible puns and then put them next to cute animals to get everyone feeling festive and somewhat disappointed in my sense of humour! Otherwise known as ‘Christmas’. I was somewhat more ambitious with this years batch of cards, and I really like what came of it. If you’d like to get hold of one yourself – or some other product with wonderful puns on it – then head over to my Redbubble¬†and snag yourself some in time to annoy your various friends and relatives with them.

Daily Doodle Challenge: October

october-doodles-1-9 october-doodles-10-18 october-doodles-19-25October is over, and my halloween doodles are completed! I enjoyed myself immensely, of course, and yes my halloween party was epic and spooky. But now my time is coming to an end, as we move into November. This months theme is Fan Art, so if you follow my sketch blog you’ll be seeing some semi-regular updates of characters from things I enjoy consuming. November is also National Novel Writing Month, so if you’re participating then look for me on the site – my pen-name is Luci-de-Monica – and we can be writer buddies as I try to overachieve my way to finally finishing the draft of the last book in the series that has consumed my life for the past six years.