Other Worlds Than These – Dark Tower Illustrations

As mentioned at the end of my last Gormenghast post a while back, I recently read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Given how much I enjoyed it, and my excitement at the movie version coming out soon, I decided that I’d base a little project around the series. Just three illustrations this time – to begin with, at least. My version of Roland Deschain, the gunslinger himself, and two scenes – one from the first book, one from the last.

The Dark Tower books are such an interesting read, and I do highly recommend them. Read at least the first one if you like post-apocalypse style cowboys and shootouts. Keep reading if you want an excellent friendship, some great worldbuilding, and some truly fantastical events. And then keep going if you enjoy somewhat meta-fiction and an ending that will make you want to throw the book against the wall.

Alternatively, wait for the movie and go and see Idris Elba as a post-apocalyptic cowboy kicking all kinds of ass. I know I’ll be seeing it!


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