Month: August 2016

Good to Be Bad – Lordi Girl #3

Lordi Girl 3 - Good to Be Bad V3

Part three in the slowly progressing series of girls based on Lordi songs. This one’s based on ‘Good to be Bad’. Which I did originally draw something for many, many years ago, but that monstrosity is buried in the depths of the internet, hopefully never to be seen again. Trust me. This one is much better.

Post about the first two here


Pop My Mind First Birthday Exhibition

Last year, after I graduated, I was approached by someone to become part of a new, online creative platform that was, essentially, artistic chinese whispers.

This year I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of that platforms first birthday exhibition, and it was a wonderful experience. Two of my own works were on display among many other fantastic works, and I also took part in my first ever live art performance. In collaboration with James Todino, we made improvised music and art together, with both of us responding to the others creations in real time.

Photo credit: Karis Lambert

Photo credit: Karis Lambert

I have never performed with my art before, the closest thing being a Skype collaboration I did – also with Pop My Mind, and another great experience – so I was pretty nervous. But once it got going it was an incredible thing, vaguely sensing people watching around me, while trying to get into my creative headspace enough to make work fast. The speed was another tricky aspect, as anyone who follows this blog will know. I like to work more slowly and methodically usually, researching and planning before I put brush to paper. So doing this was a liberating experience, to see what I could make with my usual self-imposed restrictions removed.

I have to say despite my nerves and the stress of getting back home – missed the train I wanted by a minute and ended up with a 3-hour long train ride home through London in the middle of the night. Not fun! – I’m really glad I pushed myself and went for this experience. It’s the kind of thing you regret not doing, more than you’re afraid of doing it.

To all the people involved in the exhibition, both in setting it up and participating, a big congratulations to you all, and thank you for letting me be involved in this amazing creative experience.

Daily Doodle Challenge: July

And despite the hectic-ness that was July, another month of doodles is done! This months theme was Girls (from the challenge list here).

July Doodles 1-12 July Doodles 12- 22 July Doodles 23 - 31

I was a bit too busy to post these regularly on my sketch blog, so apologies for that. But they’re all done, and I had a super fun time designing all these ladies. I’m especially pleased with managing to be more diverse in my characters – I think the War Girl with her sword is my favourite.

Next month I’ll try to post weekly roundups on the sketchblog again, and the theme is Mermaids.