Daily Doodle Challenge: May

Another month done, another set of Daily Doodles completed! This month’s theme was Witches, and I had a blast with these.

May Doodle Challenge - 1-10 May Doodle Challenge - 11-20 May Doodle Challenge - 21-30

I’m still loving doing these challenges – I always used to struggle with doing daily drawings, I used to prefer working solely on big projects. It was tricky to just sit and draw something every day. But having a theme is really helpful, and it stretches my creative muscles as well, with having to design something new each day. If nothing else, it makes my lunch breaks a bit more fun! And as you can see, towards the end of this project I rediscovered brush pens, so I’m picking those up again as part of my doodles. I’m more than a little rusty, but practice will eventually make competence.

Next month’s theme is Dragons! As always, if you want to keep updated with the doodles I’m doing, make sure to follow my tumblr blog. I also post WIP’s of other projects too!


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