Daily Doodle Challenge: April

And here we go with April’s Daily Doodle Challenge roundup! The theme was Aliens, and oh man did some weird things come out of that. Here’s the gallery of the doodles for the month:

April Doodles 1 - 9 April Doodles 10 - 18 April Doodles 19 - 26

I didn’t manage to get every day’s doodle for this challenge, mostly because I overestimated how much I’d be able to get done when for most of the last week of the month I was camping in a field with swords. It was a fun challenge to do though, and I’m impressed with myself that I’m still going with these regularly! If you want to keep up with them as I draw them, then you should definitely follow my sketchblog on tumblr, where I’ve been posting them daily. That may be switching to weekly though, to space things out a bit more. Still, if you like WIP’s and keeping up with what I’m doing, that’s the place to go for sure.

May’s theme is: Witches, and we’ll catch up in a few weeks with my progress on that. I’m super hyped for it, I love aliens but fantasy is my jam, and witches are such a cool fantasy thing to do.


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