Daily Doodle Challenge: March

And March is over, and the daily doodle challenge for it is officially over! 31 days, 31 robots – it was so fun and exhausting to come up with all of these! I usually do more organic things, I like to draw people, creatures, things that are alive. Curves are my favourite kind of line to make. But, I did it anyway, and here are the robots that came from my pencil over the past month:

Robots 1-11

                                                                                             Robots 1-11

Robots 12 - 23

                                                                                           Robots 12-23


Robots 24 - 29

                                                                                           Robots 24-29

Mar 31 - Robot Wars Celebration

                                                                                Robot Wars! (Celebration)

And now that that’s over, we move on into April, and the challenge (which I’ve already started) of the month: ALIENS! I can’t wait to write the roundup post for those, let me tell you.


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