Gormenghast Places

The work on Gormenghast continues! My gosh this project is taking a long time. Then again, I do keep getting sidetracked making other things, so it’s not all that surprising really. At any rate, I finished the location pieces I wanted to make, and here they are.

Gormenghast Kitchen Final

The Kitchens

Gormenghast Castle Final

Gormenghast Castle

Gormenghast Attic Final

Fuschia’s Attic

Now that these are done I’m taking a small break from Gormenghast stuff to work on another quick project, and then I’ve got two more sections of this project I want to complete before I call it done. I’m glad to take a break, but I’m excited to get back to it in a week or so, and maybe in a month be finally done with it, hah!

Gormenghast castle is available as a print on Society6,  INPRNT and at Design By Humans



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