Gormenghast Characters Part 1

It took me about six months or something but I finally finished reading the Gormenghast Trilogy. The books are great, but not exactly light reading. Very poetic in language, and prone to going off on long, description-y tangents for several pages. At any rate, they inspired me enough to want to start making work based on them, and I’ve finished the first three characters that I wanted to make. I’ve got plans for four more characters eventually, but next I’ll be working on some locations from the book.

My apologies for the lack of post last week, but this lot weren’t quite finished, and I didn’t want to rush them out just to meet a blogging deadline. So now they’re finished properly, and I very much enjoyed making them. Fuschia turned out to be my favourite, and she was the hardest one to get right in the end. As a character she has a very particular feel that I wanted to capture. Got there in the end though!

The next post won’t be Gormenghast though – with any luck it should be my Ridiculous Larp Project, which no-one will find that amusing but me and possible about three other people. But hey.


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