Month: August 2015

Unused Anger Concepts

This weeks post is some of the characters I made but didn’t end up using for a challenge on the Pop My Mind platform, responding to the ‘anger’ concept. So of course I made some punky, cenobite looking things, and also the Alien in glam rock gear (top left). Because of course I did.


Lordi Girls

There’s this band I like called Lordi – you might have heard of them, they won Eurovision several years ago and they’re all dressed as monsters. I love them a lot, and have wanted to make some work inspired by them for a long time. ┬áSo, I’ve started a series called ‘Lordi Girls’, and so far I’ve made two images, each one inspired by the descriptions of various women and girls in different Lordi songs.

The first image is called ‘Girl Next Door’ and is based off of various lines from the song ‘Deadite Girls Gone Wild’, specifically:

“She lures you in with intention
Looks like the girl next door
But it’s blood and sticky floors
That really turn her on”

The second image is titled after the song that it takes inspiration from, ‘Girls Go Chopping’. This one was a more literal interpretation of the concept of the song than Girl Next Door, but I still like it. I’ve got plans to make more of these, as there are plenty of ‘Lordi Girls’ to choose from to make into illustrations. I also made a process gif of how I created ‘Girls Go Chopping’, which you can see at the bottom of the post if you’re interested.


Return of the Blog

After almost a month of moving house and getting everything set up here, I’m finally in a position stable and organised enough to start making lots of work and posting again! This post is just an update, and a shameless showing off of my new house and my new working set-up, but there’ll be another post going up next week with actual work in it, and then after that I’ll be trying to update every two weeks with something new.

At any rate, I took a bunch of photos of us moving into our new house, so here’s some of them to show off, because I really love this place. It’s so nice, and so quiet, which makes a change from where I had been living for the past two years.

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As I said, there’ll be new work up next week, and then every two weeks. I apologise in advance if I miss weeks, but I also just got a promotion at work that goes into full effect at the end of August, so I don’t know how tired I’ll end up being. I’m not going to stop making things though! And there should always be stuff going up at random times on my sketchblog, if you like seeing doodles and warm-ups and stuff like that.