Interview With Keith Hau

Here we go with another interview, everyone, and today we have the amazing Keith Hau!

keith 4

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello! I’m Keith, I’ve just graduated from CSA (Cambridge School of Art) and I’m currently working as an Illustrator in London. I enjoy long walks, reading short stories, and everything to do with nature!

keith 32. You’ve been studying at the CSA in Anglia Ruskin for almost three years now, what has that been like for you?
 I actually transferred into the third year of the Illustration BA here at Anglia Ruskin. I always feel a bit nervy whenever settling into a new environment, but I have to say it’s been a really smooth transition with all the support from the staff and peers. I enjoy being in the studio space (print room especially!), and it’s also nice to be able to talk to people on different courses. There’s a good creative mix and vibe here.

3. If you could pick one favourite memory of studying at the CSA, what would it be? 
Even though I’ve only been here for a year, it’s amazing to see the amount of progress everyone has made in this third year. I think it’s a really exciting time now because things are starting to fall into place for many people. I feel very privileged to have been part of such a talented group, so I will choose this as my favorite memory.

4. What do you like the most about being an illustrator
I like the idea of not necessarily knowing what your next project brief is going to be. I think it pushes you into different avenues, often making you discover something that you would not normally think about. It makes you grow as an illustrator as well as an individual, and there’s a nice charm to that.

5. What do you like the least?keith 1
 There’s only 24 hours in a day…

6. How would you describe your work and what you do?
 My work is heavily inspired through the use of silhouettes and forms. I really like the use of bold & simplistic graphics (especially 1940’s graphic design!) and I always make time for a bit of spontaneous printmaking, it’s a process that makes me happy! At the moment I would like to try and improve my narrative storytelling through sequence and words.

7. What are some of your hopes for the future after you graduate? Do you have any specific goals in mind that you’d love to achieve?
 I want to learn about ceramics and textile design! I think they’re both such fascinating disciplines with so many possibilities. I think it’s important to try and continue to branch out into different areas of creativity; it’ll only help to inform your practice and you never know what kind of inspiration you will find!

8. Finally, are there any words of wisdom or any advice you’d give to your first year self, or to anyone just starting their own degree?
 I would say learn to take risks and be prepared to fail. Being in university provides you with the perfect platform to experiment and take risks. What I’ve personally found was that a lot of my failures often taught me more than my successes. Its good to have a bit of uncertainty, it means you’re pushing yourself to try something new, rather than staying safe and taking an easy route.

Oh, and trust your instinct and have fun!

keith 2


If you’d like to see more of Keith’s work, make sure to check out his website at:


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