Month: April 2015

Sten Character Designs

sten thoreson  bet


Remember all the rough sketches in that previous Sten post? Well, I worked up some more finished character designs, and here they are! In order, we have Sten, then Thoreson, then Bet. I like most of them, but as I usually do I’ll probably end up making more or remaking some of them before I finish them totally for handing in later.

There’s still a lot of Sten work to do, but I’ve done all the heavy lifting really and it’s mostly just a matter of actually making stuff and getting it looking pretty when it’s all printed up.


Studying from the Masters

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some master studies in my free time. For those who’ve never seen a master study before, it’s where you copy a painting done by, well, a master, and try to learn something from it.  The ones I’ve been doing are for the ‘Composition 1.1’ thread/class on (which is why all these are labelled with my username from there).

The minimum number to do to complete the class there is 20, so I’m almost halfway there. The challenge with each of these was to mainly be looking at composition and examining elements like rhythm, repetition, balance etc. They’re done in black and white so that you don’t get distracted trying to focus on accurate colour copying – though trying to copy accurate tones is a useful lesson too. I’m fairly pleased with my progress so far, and I certainly think by the time I’ve done 20, I’ll have improved a lot.

Of course, I won’t just stop with 20, but after that I’ll be focusing on a different aspect than composition in my studies.