Modernised Nursery Rhymes

Click the images to view a larger version

My final project from the first semester of third year. I chose to create some nursery rhymes with a twist, and man were they fun to make. The concepts were fun, sketching was fun, writing the new rhymes was fun and painting was super fun! As always I improved as I went through the making, which only makes me want to go back and re-make some of them but ah well. I have some more ideas for this project idling away, so if I find the time I’d love to revisit a couple of these, make the new ones and produce a whole book of modernised nursery rhymes.

I love doing juxtaposed concepts like this – classic nursery rhymes, painted in watercolours but with a modern twist to them. I’m torn between Bo Peep and Monday’s Child for my favourites, I think.

All are painted in watercolour on hot press watercolour paper, and tweaked in photoshop.


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