Month: January 2015

Modernised Nursery Rhymes

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My final project from the first semester of third year. I chose to create some nursery rhymes with a twist, and man were they fun to make. The concepts were fun, sketching was fun, writing the new rhymes was fun and painting was super fun! As always I improved as I went through the making, which only makes me want to go back and re-make some of them but ah well. I have some more ideas for this project idling away, so if I find the time I’d love to revisit a couple of these, make the new ones and produce a whole book of modernised nursery rhymes.

I love doing juxtaposed concepts like this – classic nursery rhymes, painted in watercolours but with a modern twist to them. I’m torn between Bo Peep and Monday’s Child for my favourites, I think.

All are painted in watercolour on hot press watercolour paper, and tweaked in photoshop.


Wolf Alice Illustrations

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These illustrations were all created to be paired with the Angela Carter short story ‘Wolf Alice’, about a girl raised by wolves. Once again my love for red/black/white comes through, but it worked for the tone of the story. It was an enjoyable difficulty to make these, as there is a lot of visual language in Angela Carters work, and the story has a lot of gorgeous detail in the words it uses. Still, if you’ve read the story then I hope these images make sense to you, and if you haven’t read it, then maybe they will inspire you to.

All are done with ink, and tweaked in photoshop.

The Erl King

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These are the end result of my first 3rd year university brief – a series of four illustrations based around the myth of the ‘Erl King’, a ghostly figure who steals the souls of children (among other things). These illustrations are actually my second pass, as the first ones I created I was really not happy with. But these revisits are much better, and much more suited to the mood I wanted to convey.

All are done with ink washes on hot press watercolour paper, touched up a little in photoshop to better match the colours of the real-life paintings.

New Years Update

I should really have guessed that university would swamp me and I wouldn’t be able to update the blog regularly, but there we go. I’m on my January break now, and have some posts queued up for the rest of the month, and by then I should have some more work made to keep things rolling. Whether or not they’ll stay rolling in the next semester is a mystery. I hope to be able to post at least once a month anyway, even if weekly postings slip beyond me again.

At any rate, all my work from the previous semester is in, and now I’m nervously waiting for the results. Next semester is all self-defined work, and I’m still in the process of writing my proposal for it. So things should be a bit more fun, as I’ll just have briefs that I want to work on, and can enjoy a bit more.

Lastly, I’m also in the process of working on my portfolio, which may mean the site link for it will change, but I’ll make sure to post if it does, so anyone who’s interested can have a look. And my other, slightly more tentative plan, is to open up a shop soon, for selling prints and the like, as well as potentially putting up a few things on etsy. I have some leftover christmas cards I made to sell at the Winter Fair last year, and it would be nice to make more cards for other occasions and things like that. So, watch this space and that might be a thing that happens.

Happy New Year to everyone!