Month: October 2014

Erl King Test



I’m working on some illustrations on the theme/word ‘Erl King’, and I quite liked this test image that I made, so that is todays post. And now as always when I start something new, I must go and create several hundred thumbnails to come up with some compositions, designs and narratives that I like.

As an interesting side note, my digital inking abilities seem to have come a long way since I started. At the very least I understand the concept of line weight now.


Geek Love Illustrations (SPOILER WARNING)


A watercolour painting of a white, blonde woman, with an exaggeratedly large pregnant stomach. She wears a red, star spotted leotard and holds her hands protectively over the top of her belly. Only the lower portion of her face is visible. The title of Geek Love is written in stylised letters across the belly, with the name Katherine Dunn below it in a handwritten style font. in the top left corner is a hand written portion of a review of the book, reading: 'Outrageous, horribly funny and has moments of unexpected poignancy' from the Literary Review.

Geek Love #1 – Cover

Here they finally are! All the finished Geek Love illustrations. Later than I planned, but that’s the way it goes. I only had a few of them finished last Tuesday, but I wanted to post them all together. I’m happy with them for now, and it’s on to the next project. It’s worth mentioning that they’re in a specific order for a reason, and it’s not the order they were created in. They go in the order I’ve arranged them in because it sort of follows the narrative of the book, from cover and intriguing beginning, to dark and bloody ending.

Also I didn’t want the fantastically spoilery fifth image to appear first.

As always, a lot was learned from these, not least about my process and how I can potentially streamline it a bit more. That and the fact that my illustration style is very much wildly different from my painting style. Not sure yet if I want to try and merge the two, or keep them seperate and distinct.