Month: September 2014

No Time

watercolour painting of a red-haired, white woman on her back, reaching up a hand with blood stained fingers to touch one of many watch-like clocks hanging from chains in a dark void


Just a quick watercolour this week, since I’m trying a more sensible method than usual for making my Geek Love pieces. My default process seems to be to work one piece at a time and work through with thumbnails, refining and then making – rinse repeat for each piece in a set. But that’s not a great way to get coherency, and having built up enormous thumbnail and development muscles from the hundred or more I made for my illustrated book from the end of second year, I think this time working all the pieces up at the same time will be a much better process. As such, everything is in development/sketch stage.

Also this piece will hopefully mark the beginning of a habit of making one small painting every week or so, just for fun and to practice with various materials. And as a way to prove that I don’t always have to plan out every piece in huge detail to have fun making something. It’s worth noting that this is a remake of a piece I made a long time ago, back when I actually used deviantArt, and the ‘100 prompts challenge’ was a thing. Is it still a thing? Who knows, but anyway if you don’t know about it, it was basically a list of short prompts to draw to, and this prompt was ‘No Time’, so of course I drew a vampire-y lady.

If you’re an artist and you’ve never looked at old work to re-draw it then do it because not only is it fun to laugh at yourself, it’s also fun to show off to your past self with how much better you’ve gotten.




Geek Love Sketch


This post is late rather than early morning because for most of the past week all I’ve done is read Geek Love and make notes and ugly sketches. I was going to post lots of character sketches today, but my character sketching process tends to be ‘terrible until the final product’, so for now I will post this quick sketch of Olympia and Arturo in front of what is definitely a big top. ¬†Without doubt.

And now I have about three million thumbnails to draw so that I can draw five really good illustrations by the end of the month.

The Most Beautiful Dwarf


A less serious piece this week, made as a present for a certain friend. His D&D character had a tendency for…let’s say shenanigans, and stealing a guards halberd then running naked down the street with it and his astonishingly vicious German Shepard was one of them. Mostly just a fun character paint, and next week normal service will resume with slightly more serious work, as I start reading and illustrating Geek Love.

(For the curious, the dwarf is called McAllister, and the dog is Mister Snuffletruffle.)