Month: August 2014



And here, finally finished, is the piece I meant to finish last week. So even though it took a while, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. My painting skills are slowly improving, and this is definitely the best thing I’ve painted so far in my opinion. I like my works to have a little bit of story in them, and this one certainly has that. In fact, this was probably indirectly influenced by the copious amounts of Stephen King that I’ve read in my life. Anyway, I hope you like it!


Sea Witch

Sea Witch

So the piece I was going to have finished for this weeks post is still only about half way done because, once again, I ended up with more hours as my job than I planned around. So that will be up next week instead, but for this week I have the piece I made for the Derwent Art Prize. I didn’t win, but you can vote for it in the People’s Choice Award still, by going here:

This was an entirely pencil piece, and was surprisingly fun to work on, given my usual favouritism for digital art.

Studies and WIP




I was going to have another full illustration finished by now, but ended up with more hours at work than I’d planned on, and so that piece will get done this week instead. But for now, here’s some gestures, hand & feet studies and mannequins that I’ve done over the past week as warm-ups and practice. They’re ordered from earliest to newest.

studies-1 studies-2 studies-3 studies-4-1 studies-5 studies-6


And as an extra, here’s a WIP shot of the piece I’m actually working on:

photo 1

Battle for Dominance



A painting I did because I’m working hard on my trilogy and the bad guys are super cool Void monsters with glowing green fires for eyes, and two of them fighting is a terrifying sight and also a challenge to paint because they are entirely black (being made of…essentially nothingness, jealousy and dark magic). But I enjoy painting funky lighting, especially when it’s green. Still need to practice painting more, but this was fun and now it’s done and I’m going to…paint another really dark picture with a monster in it.