Month: February 2014

DIE – the Dice Museum

cover image

So, for my latest university project we created short catalogues. I created this one about dice, which is not only a catalogue about dice, but also glimpses into a very strange, slightly supernatural dice museum. You can view and download the PDF of the catalogue for free by clicking the image above, though I am considering finding somewhere to maybe sell these from, since I think it’s quite a fun little book.

Also very tempted to start building more of a world around Lorna Ficluer’s dice museum, since it’s the kind of thing that would lend itself well to a creepy little supernatural world full of odd things.

And to tempt you into downloading it even more, here are a few of the spreads from inside (click to view them bigger, so you can read all the text):

sample spread 1 sample spread 2 sample spread 3


A different gallery site!

I found a much better place to host my professional gallery than with daportfolio, and it gives me much more control over the look of the site and everything else.

so go here for nice looking professional site type things:

‘The Ash Tree’ Illustrations


A series of painted illustrations I made over the christmas break. All are for the story ‘The Ash Tree’, by Montague Rhodes James, which you can actually read for free here: