Month: November 2013

Crime of Passion

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A project I did for uni, based on locating a specific narrative in a specific place. Mine is set in Spain – based off the work I did in Seville – and follows the point of view of a husband finding his wife cheating on him and then things…escalating. We were only given the starting point of the affair, but were given three points of view to choose from – the spouse, the cheat and the lover.

This took a long time and I’m still not 100% about it, but it was a learning experience. Hard as it is, I now know I like the effect of combining drawn things with photographs, something I’m hoping to develop more in one of my other modules.


An Emotional Map of Seville!

An Emotional Map of Seville

Finished the first of my uni projects for this semester -creating a map based on our experiences of our trip to Seville (which I need to upload some drawings from, I think). I created this emotions map, using paint swatches to represent the emotions and line drawings for the places. All put together digitally, with a border based on a balcony railing from Seville.